Gadgets: Flip Mino HD

By Jay Garrett

Pure Digital’s Flip Mino was pretty good for the money and the Ultra even more so - but now it’s all gone Flippin HD!

Ok, so the High Def version is going to cost you $230 – but hey.

For the extra cash you get about an hour’s worth of fixed zoom, 720p, MPEG-4 video recorded to 4GB of built-in flash memory.

Shove the handy go-anywhere USB cam into your PC or Mac to launch the built-in FlipShare editing software for fine-tuning your videos before sharing your flicks via MySpace, YouTube or direct over email.
Obviously this gets compressed to 480×270 – HD would be stupid-large!

There is word, however, of full HD sharing arriving early next year courtesy of an unamed partner according to Pure.

Katie Boehret, over at the Wall Street Journal groped the gear and seemed impressed by the video and improved sound quality.

Overall she made noises to the fact that the FlipShare was well worth the $50 premium over the previous Flip Mino.

Check out the full range at The Flip


Jay Garrett is a a professional bass player and gadget junkie. Check out his blog at

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