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200x175By Erik Samdahl

Is there really any question as to what to see this weekend? The only real movie to see this weekend is X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the prequel to the hugely successful X-Men series. The movie returns Hugh Jackman to his signature role, pitting him against Liev Schreiber, who plays Sabretooth.

Wolverine allows Fox and Marvel to put on display all kinds of mutants that fans have been waiting to see, and explore the back story of one of the most interesting heroes in comic book history. More importantly for the studios, Wolverine is a catalyst for a line of X-Men Origins stories, each a potential cash cow (though I’d compare the planned Magneto film to the forgettable Hannibal Rising).
Despite a leaked copy of what appears to be a nearly final version of the film floating around on the Internet, Wolverine is going to kick off the official summer season with a bang. Analysts are predicting anywhere from $100 - $130 million, though the studio claims it would accept a $70 million opening. Bull. The only thing going against it is the reviews, which make it sound more like the not-so-good X-Men 3 than the stunning X-Men 2. But that’s not going to stop those desperate for something other than Fast and Furious to watch from packing theaters.

For those who don’t like handsome Australian men with knives coming out of their knuckles, there’s Ghost of Girlfriends Past, a Matthew McConaughey/Jennifer Garner romantic comedy.

The concept, based on A Christmas Carol, is actually a clever one, but the previews make it look like standard fluff. Still, it has potential to be good counterprogramming.

Last, and certainly least, there’s Battle for Terra, a terrible-looking kid’s flick about a group of peaceful aliens who must battle against an invading force of humans. From Lionsgate, this animated film just doesn’t look like it’s worth it.


Erik Samdahl is a marketing director for a Seattle firm and also writes movie reviews and articles for

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